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    Clinically proven hair loss solution

    We are the leading supplier of Kirkland Minoxidil and Rogaine hair loss solutions in the UK.

    We ship worldwide and have many fantastic reviews from very happy customers.

    Kirkland Minoxidil and Rogaine products are clinically proven to regrow hair in the majority of cases from people who used them, in almost 9 out of 10 people using them for a few months twice daily.


    For people who suffer with hair loss this is a small slice of time and effort with regard to the huge reward offered by having your confidence restored by once again having a full head of hair or a beard that you can be proud of.


    Minoxidil is the the only product that does not involve any form of surgery that is proven in lab conditions to work without the need for a scalpel or transplant of any kind.

    It works simply by reinvigorating the dormant hair follicles in your head or face and pumps them full of nutritious blood, just what is needed for a healthy follicle to thrive.


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